We know how to accelerate solution delivery.

Once the platform has shipped and is being targeted by the developer masses, it becomes necessary to keep developers productive as they build their solutions. To do this, the right set of "getting started" materials must be available, or else developers may just give up. Once the developers are up to speed with the platform, they'll also need patterns & practices, as well as baseline projects and samples for them to leverage and learn from.

How we do it

We approach the platform in the same way its developer customers do. Within the first week we can usually identify the materials required for developers to get started on the platform, as well as what will be needed to fully train and equip a team to be successful as quickly as possible.

Our experience

We've built extensive training materials designed to educate developers on building highly secure applications. We've created starter kits for building hobbyist applications designed to accelerate adoption among Microsoft's hobbyist developer community. We've built hands-on training for Windows Live's commercial Web services. We've built components and modules for ASP.NET and Microsoft's IIS that enable Web developers to rapidly deliver solutions to their customers.

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