We know how to evangelize to developers.

As a platform approaches launch, it's time to focus on winning the hearts and minds of developers worldwide. Although evangelism is an ongoing process, it's critical that the platform is launched into a fully primed environment of willing and able developers. This is where traditional marketing occurs.

How we do it

From flashy demos to deeply technical evaluation materials, we work with your sales and marketing teams to build targeted materials that complement your other initiatives. We also work with your platform's early adopters to build proof-of-concept solutions that highlight the key features of your platform and deliver immediate benefits for your customers.

Our experience

We've built product demos for Windows Mobile designed to illustrate the top qualities of their developer platform. We've drafted technical evaluation materials for Internet Explorer that were used to educate product reviewers at top trade publications. We've written articles outlining the benefits of Microsoft's Visual Studio Express product line for potential users. We've developed the proof-of-concept Cisco Stream Manager Mobile to highlight the features of Cisco's Web services on the Windows Mobile platform.

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