We know how to design platforms for developers.

The research and development phase of a product can be the most critical point in a market lifecycle. Products designed to be used by developers as platforms live and die by the thought put in by planners to making them as developer-friendly as possible. Improvements made during the design phase of platform design can have an exponential impact on solutions downstream.

How we do it

We step into the shoes of your developer customer and analyze their business scenarios. By understanding developer motivation and capabilities, we're able to identify key features, from API design to SDK tools, that will improve the experience of developers building solutions on your platform.

Our experience

We've shipped several commercial products commissioned by Microsoft and shipped under their brand, such as the Microsoft Component Installer. We've .NET-enabled flagship products like Skype's VOIP client, LEGO's MINDSTORMS, and Surveyor's SRV-1 robot. We've extended Visual Studio to support Valve Software's Half-Life development platform. We've participated in software design reviews for platforms and developer tools, such as Microsoft's Visual Basic.

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